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Minnesota Senate District 63 Republicans

SD63 is run entirely by volunteers. All funds are used to produce the Minnesota State Caucuses in our district, the SD63 District Convention, provide informational materials to voters, support local and state candidates, and mail out sample ballots. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Through the state of Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program, you have the opportunity to contribute $50 as an individual or $100 as a married couple to Senate District 63 Republicans, and your contribution will be reimbursed dollar-for-dollar in six to eight weeks.


Please help us take advantage of the PCR program and support your local Republican efforts in Southeast Minneapolis and Northeast Richfield (see instructions below).

ATTENTION: It is possible that this PCR program will NOT be included in the next state budget. Please get your contributions in TODAY!

Contribution and Refund Steps

Step 1

Donate online or mail your contribution to our Treasurer, Wayne Peterson:


SD63 Republicans c/o Wayne Peterson
7120 10th Ave. S.
Richfield, MN 55438

Make checks payable to “SD63 Republicans”

Step 2

After we receive your contribution, Wayne will promptly mail you a receipt and refund form provided by the MN Department of Revenue.

Step 3

Complete the form (it only takes about 2 minutes) and mail it to the MN Department of Revenue.

Step 4

The State of Minnesota will mail you a check or initiate a direct deposit fully refunding your contributions in approximately four to six weeks.

A big thank you for your gift of time, talents and money in the past. Your contribution will be a significant boost to our communications.

On behalf of the SD63 Republicans Board,

Frank Pafko
SD63 Republicans Chair