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The 2023 SD63 Convention will be held Saturday, March 25, 2023. Details to come.

The SD63 Convention is Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 10:00 am

Minnehaha Academy – Upper Campus
3100 West River Parkway
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

Registration starts at 9:30

We need volunteers for convention committees and delegates/alternates to a higher-level convention. Use the link below to send an email.

Last Thursday, January 19, the Minnesota House passed the most radical and dangerous abortion bill in the country (H.F. 1). Rep. Anne Neu Brindley (R) of North Branch offered a reasonable amendment to that bill to restrict third trimester abortions, which included exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother. 

Three House Democrats went against their party leadership and voted with the 64 Republicans for this common sense amendment. Sadly, 67 Democrats voted to block this amendment and it failed to pass by a tying vote of 67 yeas to 67 nays. You can see the roll call votes here.

The battle now moves to the State Senate this week, where we only need one Democrat to vote to protect women and children by amending S.F. 1 to:

  • Protect mothers and babies in the third trimester
  • Require parental consent for minors before an abortion
  • Protect victims of sex trafficking, rape or abuse

The Democrats’ extreme abortion agenda also includes:

  • Repealing protections for infants that are born alive after having survived botched abortion attempts
  • Allowing minors to be sterilized without their parents’ approval, and
  • Allowing abortions because of Downs syndrome or for gender selection

Clearly, the Democrats have no regard for human life or human conscience, and they must be stopped. Even 70% of Democrats think these proposals go too far, but their Representatives aren’t listening.

We need you to contact the following Senators today and tell them to vote NO! on this extreme and dangerous legislation, S.F. 1, and to support the common sense restrictions being offered by the Republican amendments. We expect a vote on the Senate floor this Friday, January 27 at 10:30 am.

Even if you are not in the district of any of these Senators, contact them anyway, and remind them that we are ALL Minnesota constituents and they were elected to do what WE want, not just what party leadership says.

Sen. Zaynab Mohamed* (SD 63): 651-296-4274,
Sen. Bobby Jo Champion* (SD 59): 651-296-9246,
Sen. Kari Dziedzic* (SD 60): 651-296-7809, Use This Email Form
Sen. D. Scott Dibble* (SD 61): 651-296-4191, Use This Email Form
Sen. Omar Fateh* (SD 62): 651-296-4261, Use This Email Form
Sen. Robert Kupec (SD 4): 651-296-3205, Use This Email Form
Sen. Grant Hauschild (SD 3): 651-296-1789, Use This Email Form
Sen. Judy Seeberger (SD 41): 651-297-8060, Use This Email Form
Sen. Aric Putnam (SD 14): 651-296-6455, Use This Email Form

* Senators who represent the Minneapolis Senate districts.

If you are outside of these areas, you can find your Senator here.

If you really want to make a difference, we invite you to join our team. We need people with a vision for a conservative future — people who believe in less government overreach, more choice in how our children are educated, and the preservation of individual liberty.

Minnesota Senate District 63 (SD63) is located in south Minneapolis.

Days Until Aug. 9 Primary Election


Who are our current legislators?

Sen. Zaynab Mohammed (DFL), Rep. Samantha Sencer-Mura (DFL-63A), Rep. Emma Greenman (DFL-63B)

We MUST change this in 2024!

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Only 20% are Republicans. We MUST change this too!

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